Portable personal outdoor misting fans

In the hot summer, not everyone can jump into the swimming pool to get a refresh. And the normal fan can’t work in the hot weather; you have to try portable personal outdoor misting fans. The normal mist fan may come in any size but work the same; they have misting nozzles in the front to spray the water to make the air cooler. They have a bucket or tank at the bottom to store water in it. You can add ice in the water bucket to have more cooled air. They can lower the area temperature and make you enjoy sitting outside. They come in many different type and functions according to your need. There are some best portable personal outdoor misting fans discussed below.

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New Air oscillating fan

It is the most useful and well-designed outdoor misting fan made by new air. It has different speed level of the fan to control according to your desire. It’s designed helps him to spread the air in the wider directions. It can rotate to spread the air in all possible directions and cool up to the 500 square feet of the area. You can also adjust its height according to your need. It comes at the easily affordable price that a normal person can purchase.

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Lasko misto misting fan

It is popular for picnics and outdoor gatherings. It is easily assembled or dissembled without using any tool.  Its elegant design makes it easy to clean after use; it has wide air flow around 90 degrees to throw air in a large area easily. It has three different speed of the fan to control according to your desire. It has small rechargeable batteries to work up to many hours. It has a powerful fan that works without any noise. It is small in size and has a low weight which makes him too easy to carry. Due to its compact size and reasonable price, it is most popular among the other Portable personal outdoor misting fans.

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Holmes outdoor misting fan

It is the regular misting fan used in the outdoors; it has a big powerful fan which can gather the wider area. It has mist nozzles on the front to throw water with the flow of the air. it can run on different speed manual with or without moving its head.  You can adjust its height according to your demand. It has a large bucket to store water in it; you can add ice packs to keep the water cooled for more time period. It is easy to use in the gatherings; it can lower the temperature up to 30c. You can remove the mist nozzles; can use the simple fan for indoor use. It is a cheap and durable misting fan.

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SPT oscillating misting fan

It is the most durable product by the SPT; it has a strong base which can hold it in a stable position. It has brass made misting nozzles which are waterproof and rust resistant. Its durable material made him lives for a longer period of time without any trouble. Its fan is extremely powerful and can cool up to the area of 640 square feet. It is the most durable portable personal outdoor misting fan.

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