Cooling gadgets

In this era of technology, everything is dependent on technology. There are many cooling gadgets which are useful in our daily, they cheap and easy to use. When fans don’t work in the hot summer, there some cooling gadgets which can help to cool down the area without the need of the air conditioner. Some of the best cooling gadgets are discussed below.


It is the simple cooling system can use the ice packs and blow air onto them to give you cool air. It is the small wooden box with holes in it to allow the air to passes through it. It has a small rechargeable battery to work with it. There is small space in the center to place the ice packs in it and in the bottom, there are small but powerful fans that blow the air in an upward direction.  There is a speed control button on the side; you can adjust the fan speed according to your desire. It can easily movable from one place to another and require nothing to fix in it. You just charged the battery and have ice packs to use it.

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Techniche evaporative Cooling jacket:

It is most famous cooling gadget among the workers, because of its cheap and durable quality. it is made up of the special fabric like a sponge which soaks the water. The inner layer of the jacket is made up of the waterproof material which helps to keep you dry. When air passes through this jacket, it makes you feel cool at the work. The F1 drivers use these jackets to survive in the hot summer. It requires the air flow to keep cooling, so if you have seat work then it’s not useful for you. It is lightweight and easy to carry at work. It comes in different varieties and styles according to the demand of the people.

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Techniche cool towel pro:

It is popular for people who love workout in the summer. It can make of the material which soaks the water and makes the fabric cool for a long time. It can keep you fresh and cool during work. It very cheap and can be used for a long period of time. It only requires the water to soak in it. It is easy to carry; you carry it in your bag.

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Makita Fan Jacket:

It is a great invention for those who have to work in the hot temperatures. It can work well in the 30C temperature due to its internal cooling system. It contains the fans around it which can blow them in the jacket to keep you cool. It has small but powerful rechargeable batteries which can run for a longer time period. It is heavy to the weight of fans and the batteries in it. it may look odd to wear a fluffy jacket in the hot summer but it works well in the heat. Most people wear it in the industries that have to work near the burning fire. It is expensive than other cooling gadgets.

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