Best Portable Water Filters

Water is the most important for the survival on the earth; no one can live without the water.  Without water, there is no life, but the water must be drinkable. For making the water drinkable we use different products. The filtered water protects use from many different diseases and protects our immune system.  We need the best portable water filters for traveling and for camping. You can’t able to carry lots of water with you, so you can use different products to filter the water from available sources. The best portable water filter provides you the 99 percent safe water from the bacteria and makes it drinkable. There are some best portable water filters described below.

Sawyer mini filter:

It is small but the most useful product in purifying the water. It allows you to filter the gallons of water at a time. The product is cheap and easy to carry even in your hands. It is made up of the plastic which gives it lighter in weight. The main thing is it provides you the 99.99 percent of the bacteria-free water. It can be easily attached to any water bottle and work as the hand pump to filter out the water. It’s come with a pouch and the straw for carrying water with you after the filtration.

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Survivor filter pro:

It is the best product for filtering the water in an emergency situation. It includes the three steps of the filtration of the water. The survivor filter pro allows you to filter the thousands of gallons of the water in his lifetime. It consumes time for filtering the water but gives you 99 percent germs and illness free water. This product is come up with a lifetime warranty, so it’s last longer than other products.

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Katadyn Vario dual tech microfilter:

It can be fir on all bottles bases and filtered per gallon of the water in just two minutes. It is easy and simple to use and comes in the lightweight. It has ceramic filters which allow you to use it for a long period of time by just cleaning them.

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Life straw LSPH:

It is the personal and easily portable water filter; it is the cheapest filter in the market. It comes in the small size you can carry it in your pocket. This product allows you to drink filtered water up to 1000 liter at a time. it can filter the bacteria and the diseases from the water up to 99.99 percent. But require a lot of efforts to use, you have sucked the water from your mouth. It can require an effort but lifesaving product.

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Etekcity water filters straw:

This is like the straw and comes up with the pouch to store water in it. The foldable pouch allows you to carry more filtered water with you. The pouch gives this product advantage over other filter straws. It is cheap and can filter the 1500 liters of the water at a time. it has multiple stages of filtering the water to ensure the quality.

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